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Ayurvedic Tummy Fit Oil

What is Tummy Fit Oil?

Tummy Slim Oil is an ayurvedic therapy that reduces stomach fat. It is an effective product that removes cellulite fat from the body leading to healp you reduce weight. It gives your body a properly maintained shape. Not just that, this amazing product will also help you improve your immune system. Herbal Tummy Fit Oil is made up of natural ingredients and it also helps in controlling the diabetic and blood pressure levels. The tummy slim fit oil reduces body fat and helps in treating other similar problems.

The fast development in the field of technology has made man more dependable that destroys one’s health and along with considerable increase in the body weight. There is no more a tradition of working manually. For every work we have a machine that works on behave of humans. Spicy and oily fast food interests everyone. But no one has the time to exercise and remove daily fat. This leads to the deposition of the most stubborn fat called cellulite making you look fat. Sometimes in case of women, the tummy starts bulging out after marriage and due to their negligence towards the tummy fat they start looking ugly. With the increase in these habits the human body gets affected with large number of diseases that further worsens the case.

However, today women are highly educated and working in various fields. They started worrying about their tummy fat. Thus, they look forward to such products in the market that can easily help them in removing the body fat. Herbal Tummy Fit Oil is one such solution that doesn’t follow strict diet chart and permanently removes the cellulite body fat.

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How Tummy Fit Oil Works?

Tummy fit oil is the combination of two processes namely Ayurvedic and Solarization. The oil is the result of Oleation therapy found in Ayurveda. The product includes 40 natural herbs that have the potential of dissolving the stubborn fat called cellulite which easily gets deposited through the consumption of fast food in today’s lifestyle. It also takes care of the further increase in the tummy and works more effectively. Tummy slim fit oil penetrates into the seven layers of tummy and works on all tissues and organs.

What are the reasons of tummy fat or tummy obesity?

In today’s era, people are too busy to manage their food at home. Mostly working people have no time to make food. Thus, they prefer to eat some oily and fatty food from outside which is easily available in market or food courts. Some are there who like to eat fast food, rich with oil and spices. This oil gets deposited in the various body parts especially tummy making you look fat and ugly. Tummy fit oil has the power that stops collecting that fat in your body and even removes already deposited Tummy fat. It also maintains your figure that makes you look good. It increases your metabolism and brings back your healthy body.

Disadvantage of tummy obesity

Tummy fat is a fat growing condition, due to modern lifestyle. It slowly increases and spoils the attractiveness if human figure. In due course of time, it results in many diseases. According to Ayurvedic epic ‘Charak Samhita’, the following symptoms are found in people with fat tummy:

  • Blood pressure
  • Heart diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Joints Pain
  • Head- related Diseases
  • Eye Diseases

Symptoms of Tummy obesity

  • Short life-span
  • Lack of swiftness
  • Decreasing sexual power
  • Weakness
  • Bad odour
  • Excessive sweating
  • Excessive appetite
  • Excessive Thirst

How it is different from other similar products in the market?

Out of many fat reducing product available in the market, Tummy fit oil is the one that everyone should opt for. It is different from other products in following ways.

  1. It is highly effective product that permanently reduces your body weight reducing tummy fat.
  2. No strict diet regime is needed to be followed during the process of using the product.
  3. It actually removes the cellulite fat from the body.
  4. No need to avoid fatty food and make a strict diet chart.
  5. No need to use any electronic machine that requires much of your efforts.
  6. It increases body immunity and makes your body much healthier.
  7. Being an ayurvedic product it has no side effects and it really removes your tummy fat.

How to use Tummy Fit oil?

Take 2-3 ml of tummy slim fit oil gelly and massage it on your stomach for 3-4 minutes. It will open your pores and then after 3 Minutes apply 5-10 ml of tummy fit oil (Don’t apply anything up to 3 minutes of applying tummy slim fit oil gelly) and starts massaging it on your stomach for at least 8-10 minutes. This way the oil gets penetrated into the skin and starts reducing the fat. It is advised not to eat anything up to 20 minutes after using tummy slim fit oil.


Ingredient Each 100 ml contains
Triticum Sativum 20g
Cyperus Rotundus 10g
Prunus Amygdalus 5g
Olea Ruropaea 5g
Citrus Lemon 10g
Simmondsis chiensis 10g
Citrus Sinensis 10g
Rosmarinus Officinalis 10g
Aloevera – barbedensis 20g
Styrax benzoin 2g
Jasminum officinale 2g
Cotula Anthemoides 2g
Santalim Alnum 2g
Piper Retrafractum 10g
Plumbago zeylanica 10g
Oil base Q.S.

Ingredients Gelly:

Ingredient Each 100 ml contains
Carum copticum 2g
Mentha Spicata 2g
Camphora 2g
Plumbago Zeylancium 5g
Cyperus scariosus 5g
Piper Chaba hunter 5g
Zingiber officinate 7g
Taxus bacata 7g
Mesua Ferrea 6g
Cinnamomum Zeylanicum 5g
Caryophyllus Aromaticus 4g
Brassica campestris 6g
Gelly base Q.S.
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