[ Q ] What is Tummy Slim Fit Oil?

[ ANS ] Tummy fit oil is an effective ayurvedic formula of reducing the tummy fat. It contains 40 powerful herbs that can break the most stubborn fat called cellulite. The product permanently removes fat from the body and makes you look fit and smart..

[ Q ] How does Tummy Fit Oil Work on Our Body?

[ ANS ] The application of Tummy Fit Oil removes the fat from the body. It goes through all the 7 layers of the skin and removes all of the extra fat. It starts with breaking the most stubborn cellulite fat and then to the further cutaneous fat layers that lies beneath. Other layers are comparatively easier to break through Tummy Fit Oil. Through this procedure the fat slowly and gradually gets eliminated from the body.

[ Q ] Where Does Tummy Fit Oil Work?

[ ANS ] Tummy fit oil works best in reducing fat from the stomach. It breaks down the cellulite fat that gets deposited in tummy over the period of time and makes you look good. Buttocks, thighs, upper arms and chest area are the other body parts where one can apply this product.

[ Q ] Can we Apply Tummy Fit Oil if We Have Any Medical Condition?

[ ANS ] People with some medical issues such as thyroid, blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol can also use this amazing product without any hesitation. Tummy fit oil is a very safe product and has no side effects. It is made by natural ayurvedic ingredients and works towards removing fat from the body.

[ Q ] How to Apply Tummy Slim Fit Oil?

[ ANS ] Tummy fit oil package comprises of two products one is tummy slim fit oil gelly and other is tummy slim fit oil. First apply 2-3 ml of tummy fit oil gelly and massage it on your stomach for 3-4 minutes. After 3minute apply 5-10 ml of tummy slim fit oil and starts massaging it on your stomach for at least 8-10 minutes. Don’t apply anything up to 3 minutes after applying tummy slim fit oil gelly. Follow this procedure and the extra fat will get off from the body. Do not to eat anything up to 20 minutes after using tummy slim fit oil.

[ Q ] How Many Times Do We Apply Tummy Fit Oil in a Day?

[ ANS ] Tummy fit oil has to be applied twice daily. First application – before breakfast/ after bath. Let it work on the body for 5-6 hours. Second application – Evening (5-6pm) or before dinner.

[ Q ] What Does Tummy Fit Oil Package Contain?

  • Two bottles of tummy slim fit oil
  • One tummy slim fit oil gelly
  • One Tummy slim fit face slimming cream

[ Q ] How to Order Tummy Fit Oil?

  • You can call on the number provided on tummy slim fit oil website and place the order.
  • You can buy the product through online registration on the website.
  • Once you fill the online form it gets submitted and is processes by our executive who will give a call to confirm the order.
  • Only after our executive gets it confirmed with you the order will be placed at your respective addresses.
* Note : Results may vary person to person.

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